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Video Defensive Driving Online

Ticket Dismissal Fast and Easy

People take defensive driving for a number of reasons. Some who drive company vehicles need to complete a course for work. Others take it to save a buck or two on their car insurance. Some take it to improve their driving skills. However, for most people, defensive driving never crosses their minds until they get crossways with a traffic cop. No matter the reason you are thinking defensive driving, you'll never find a more painless way to get it done than with a course from Video Defensive Driving Online.

What We Offer

We offer two types of courses, and both of them beat "old school" defensive driving hands down. By "old school", we mean defensive driving taught at a school. Not that a classroom course is bad, but who has time to find a class that fits their schedule and then find a 6-hour chunk of their lives to attend it? You can tailor our courses to fit into whatever time you have available. Work morning, noon or night and complete it all at once or a piece at a time. Our basic text course actually delivers over 50% of the required information by video and, for just a few dollars more, try our 100% video course. All you have to do is sit back, relax and get ready to kiss your ticket goodbye. It's really that easy!

Is Online Really Better?

While we may be a little biased, we think the answer is a resounding YES! At the pace of life today, few people can afford to commit to a couple of evenings or the better part of a Saturday to complete a defensive driving course. An online course lets you work whenever you want, wherever you want and from whatever internet enabled device you might have handy, even your phone! Chip away at your course in the doctor's waiting room or while standing in line at the bank. When it's finally your turn there, log out of your course and we'll save your place so you can pick up right where you left off the next time you have a spare moment or two to get back to it.

Everyone Could Use a Refresher

If you do something long enough, it will become second nature and thinking about it isn't really something you have to do anymore. While that may be OK for some things, it's really not a good idea in the driving environment. You've seen those "second nature" drivers, drivers with one hand on the wheel and the other on a cell phone or a newspaper or a cheeseburger. The refreshers and reminders that come with a defensive driving course help drivers to regain the good driving behaviors that keep everyone safer out on the road.

Thousands of People Can't be Wrong

Our TEA/TDLR approved course is offered through our partner ApprovedCourse.com, Texas CP#280. ApprovedCourse.com is the fastest growing defensive driving course provider in the state and has helped thousands of Texans dismiss tickets and keep their driving records clean. Both the text and video courses meet (and beat) the state’s requirements. The developers of the course, veteran takers of defensive defensive driving themselves, have done all they can to make your defensive driving experience better than the beating it was for them. Register today to see how different is better.

can i dismiss any texas ticket with this course?
how fast can i get my certificate?
Is the Video Upgrade Worth it?

Don't get us wrong, the basic course is great. The text is humourous, easy to read and interspersed with video. On the other hand, if you'd like to get your ticket dismissed as easily as watching TV, treat yourself to the 100% video course.

Can You Really Go Wrong When You Go with the Best?

  • Informative AND entertaining! Great information and nice unit reviews before each quiz at the end. Very easy to take!

    L. A. – Houston

  • The course was informative, and it was enjoyable. Not some dry rehash of the rules of the road. After completion the paperwork I needed was sent to me promptly. Definitely worth my time and money.

    R. F. – Austin

  • Easy to use and made the experience not so boring. Certificate was delivered less than a week after completion. I would highly recommend.

    M. T. – Dallas

Courses and Packages

Standard Course
Text & Video
TDLR Approved
No Final Exam
Printable Certificate Available
Standard Course + Driving Record
Text & Video
TDLR Approved
No Final Exam
DPS Type 3a Driving Record
Electronic Delivery Available
Video Course
100% Video
TDLR Approved
No Final Exam
Printable Certificate Available
Video Course +
Driving Record
100% Video
TDLR Approved
No Final Exam
DPS Type 3a Driving Record
Electronic Delivery Available

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